VOICING© changed my life, both personally and professionally.
It is my job since almost nine years now. I teach, give sessions and perform, either myself or with a group that I train.
I abandoned my work in the cinema business, finding in VOICING© a more direct way to express my self and communicate what I wanted to say.
What keeps always the flame burning is the research part. It is endless. There is always so much to discover, learn and experiment, one needs to have time and courage to keep going. The landscape is unknown but fascinating. So much breakthrough!
As Demetrio Stratos says in his "Diplofonic ed Altro": "The Voice, in music, is a channel that no longer expresses anything".
VOICING© for me is the answer to that statement, It gives back to the Voice its dignity, richness and healing role.
My personal life took another turn through VOICING©. I accessed repressed feelings, emotions and memories and started to question all about who I was. I am still learning but have my Voice as a compass.
Pratibha has put together different elements and traditions and together with her own intelligence and intuition, has created a unique and great tool.
I am forever grateful.

Niskriya-Elena Kazantzidi Athens, Greece
Research & Performing Arts on Voice and Sound (Enarmonisi)
VOICING© Practitioner



VOICING© has literally changed my body’s cells.
Experiencing the voice and singing potentiality as it is offered in VOICING© has opened new frontiers in my inner awareness.
It has been an authentic contact with my deep reality.
What I had always particularly appreciated was the acceptance of whatever feeling was there beyond judgments and fears. Saying yes to what comes up is like saying yes to one’s own nature.
This allowed me to reach an inner relaxation at 360 degrees.
During the VOICING© process my Essence has been seen, recognized to such extent that by and by I didn’t need to wear masks in order to feel accepted: authenticity has been the great conquest.

I carry a deep gratitude for Pratibha and for VOICING©
It has been a great life experience.

Silvia Bergo, Milan, Italy
Physiotherapeutic Massage, Shiatzu, Manual Therapy



For me the VOICING© experience represents the end of a tunnel.
After many years I have completed the Training this feeling is growing every day more clearly and defined.
Already at the very first meeting as an introductory presentation in my town I had perceived that my inner power was disclosing: was it really my voice, strong and clear, when habitually people were always asking me to speak louder?
My tunnel was mostly built of self-pity, self-victimization and self-consciousness. During the VOICING© Training I could give space to all the nuances of my voice: from fear to sadness, from hesitation to determination, from anger to sensuality, from pain to joy and all this allowed me to connect with my Essence and reach a space of naked, deep, inner truth that has radically changed my life. I touched the sacredness of my Essence expressing it through an ever-new song, always different, always transformative.
Spontaneous singing has given me the dimension of flowing, of letting go, of becoming without attachments: every song is unique you cannot repeat it and expresses always something different, it dispels boundaries, opens up new horizons and at the same time it roots you in the here-now.
VOICING© has also given me the dimension of choral singing when the essences dance together producing moment of perfection that have been engraved in my heart.
For me VOICING© has a direct thread with nature, with mother earth, with the spirit of trees, with the green.
Still now, after some years, the singing stays as my most cherished tool for inner search, for expressing my emotions no matter if they are clear or misty, defined or uncertain.
Above all nothing else allows me to express so fully the beauty of life, the uniqueness of existence and the gratitude toward whom has given me this tool.

Sahari Maria Flisi, Parma (Italy)



"VOICING© for me was and is an intense and wonderful work.

Explore the various dimensions of the voice, it made me discover my ability to be total and to give voice to aspects of me that I did not know and I've never been able to express.

It was like being born again in the expression of myself.

I discovered the connection with the earth so deep and mysterious, so moving, along with a sense of the sacred that it gives me, I did not know to have.

From here, slowly, I felt I could awaken feelings and emotions anesthetized for most of my life so far.

I gave voice to vulnerable dimensions and delicacy that before I judged absurd, useless and ridiculous.

For the first time in my life I experienced the feeling of BEING ABLE TO GO UP with energy, with the body and voice, to hear that it was possible to expand.

All this has accelerated and made urgent a process of recovery and discovery of myself that is now unstoppable.

In life I am experiencing and expressing with people that I had never expressed, the more courage to get involved, even accepting the conflicts which before carefully I avoided, always joking to ease tension, experiencing moments of vulnerability also letting slip into tears, showing me so, without reprimermi. Generally greater confidence in being able to express.

I thank life that has put in my path Pratibha who created VOICING©: to her, to her intelligence, her strong intuition and her great love for the truth goes all my gratitude. Lastly, I thank myself for having said yes and having jumped at the opportunity having understood the power of this process. "

Participant in the VOICING© PRACTITIONER TRAINING 2002 - 2005



"My path with VOICING© began with the question: I am fascinated by the voice, the voices, but mine where is it?

Finding myself listening to my voice with the extension of a never explored creativity that still explore, I meet my story of existing.

If I could describe VOICING© If I could describe the VOICING © by painting I would define it a kind of multi-colored tables on an infinite canvas."

Agnese, graphic artist / November 2001



"Through the voice channel I am undertaking a journey within myself.

My well-structured personality that reminds me of a modern super-organized city, begins to collapse to make way for a space of peace and light, my hut."

Veronica, specialized educator / November 2000



"For the first time with VOICING© I felt whole and integrated totally at home in my body, free to be and to exist."

Stefania company director / March 1999


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